This week’s cartoon:

24/6/2018: ‘Sex Industry’

17/6/2018: ‘Politicians’

10/6/2018: ‘Student Unions’

3/6/2018: ‘International Pressure’

27/5/2018: ‘Child Labor’

20/5/2018: ‘Electricity’

13/5/2018: ‘Health Service’

6/5/2018: ‘2008 Constitution’

29/4/2018: ‘Coal’

22/4/2018: ‘Women in Peace’

15/4/2018: ‘Thingyan’

8/4/2018: ‘Drugs’

31/3/2018: ‘Rakhine Development’

25/3/2018: ‘New President’

17/3/2018: ‘Myanma Yoke Shin’

11/3/2018: ‘Citizen Rights’

4/3/2018: ‘Civil Military’

25/2/2018: ‘Sexual Harassment’

11/2/2018: ‘Ethnic Rights’

4/2/2018: ‘CSO’

28/1/2018: ‘Democracy’

21/1/2018: ‘YGN Government’

14/1/2018: ‘Peace Process’

24/12/2017: ‘Transition’

17/12/2017: ‘Ministry’

10/12/2017: ‘Political Violence’

3/12/2017: ‘China and Peace’

26/11/2017: ‘New States’

19/11/2017: ‘Abortion’

12/11/2017: ‘Political Parties’

5/11/2017: ‘Radical Religious’

29/10/2017: ‘Education’

22/10/2017: ‘Myanmar Army’

15/10/2017: ‘Land Mine’

8/10/2017: ‘Women Rights’

2/10/2017: ‘Social Media’

24/9/2017: ‘Future Leader’

17/9/2017: ‘Kachin War’

10/9/2017: ‘Real News’

3/9/2017 :’NDSC’

27/8/2017: ‘Rakhine Crisis’

20/8/2017: ‘Environmental’

13/8/2017: ‘Drugs’

6/8/2017: ‘8888’

30/7/2017: ‘Future of Children’

23/7/2017: ‘Federal Constitution’

16/7/2017: ‘Press Freedom’

25/6/2017: ‘Sexual Education’

18/6/2017: ’66D’

11/6/2017: ’21st Pinlon’

4/6/2017: ‘Farmers’

28/5/2017: ‘Peace and Business’

21/5/2017: ‘Examples of Peace in ASEAN’

14/5/2017: ‘Police Reform’

7/5/2017: ‘Environmental’

30/4/2017: ‘Labor Law’

23/4/2017: ‘Illegal Gambling’

16/4/2017: ‘Zat Thabin’

9/4/2017: ‘By-Election’

2/4/2017: ‘1 Year Government’

26/3/2017: ‘Helping Orphans’

19/3/2017: ‘Federal Army’

12/3/2017 ‘Minorities’

5/3/2017: ‘Mobile’

26/2/2017: ‘Rakhine’

19/2/2017: ‘Curriculum Reform’

12/2/2017: ‘Red Tape’

5/2/2017: ‘YBS’

30/1/2017: ‘Future of Books’

23/1/2017: ‘Media Reform’

15/1/2016: ‘Youth Leadership’

17/12/2016: ‘Poverty’

10/12/2016: ‘Constitution’

3/12/2016: ‘Reconciliation’


26/11/2016: ‘Harassment’


19/11/2016: ‘Returning migrants’


12/11/2016: ‘Religion and Politics’


5/11/2016: ‘1 Year after the Elections’

29/10/2016: ‘Is my Sex my Choice?’
22/10/2016: ‘When can IDP’s go home?’

From top to bottom:
Q-when can IDPs go home?
A-after the civil war ends
Q-when will the war end?
A-after all of the bullets gone
Q-when will those bullets gone?
A-after the armed force’s money is gone
Q-when will it be?
A-after all of their business abolish
Q-when will their business be eliminated?

15/10/2016: ‘How to stop hate speech?’
08/10/2016: ‘How can ICT benefit Burma?’
01/10/2016: ‘What do State and Regional Hluttaws?’
24/09/2016: ‘How do the Elderly survive?’
17/09/2016: ‘How to restore Bagan’s heritage?’
Cartoonist ideology is that hoteliers already take heritage areas to build their hotels, while experts are planning on how to preserve history.
10/09/2016: ‘What are our Consumer Rights?’

Translation: Rich big man is having good, expensive and healthy food, while grassroots level people are having chemical treated food, unsaturated oil, Chinese fast food, because they have no choice. Cartoonist: Bo Than

3/09/2016: ‘How to speed up public transport?’
The mother is crying, while father is reading their daughter’s letter: “Dear dad, I have been spent almost all the time on the bus whenever I go to the office or school, so I have decided to marry the busconductor, forgive me please”.
27/08/2016: ‘What is the impact of Global Warming?’
DVBD_Climate Change
20/08/2016: ‘How to fight the flood?’
13/08/2016: ‘100 Days: what will change?’
06/08/2016: ‘How to reduce Child Mortality?’
DVBD_Cartoon_Child Mortality
The official Medical Nurse can’t influence, blocked by the local unofficial persons, like the spiritually worshipper (Nat Sayar), unofficial midwife (neither nurse or health person) and unauthorised doctors (Yan Ku).
30/07/2016: ‘How to reach a real Peace deal?’
DVBD_Cartoon_ Peace Deal
Cartoon by Yaw Sayar Gyi.
24/07/2016: ‘How does Youth change Burma?’
16/07/2016: ‘How to save Myanmar’s Movie Industry?’
DVBD_Cartoon_Movie Industry
Myanmar’s movie quality is decreasing slowly. Even though the previous government gave 200 acres land to build a movie studio, there are only trees standing there. No need to plan 100 cinemas if the military government didn’t occupy cinemas before. Now producers and some business men have the plan to build 100 cinemas in two years.
Cartoonist: Saw Naing Htoo
09/07/2016: ‘Is Burma setting ASEAN’s new standard?’
DVBD7_ Cartoon_ASEAN's new standard
02/07/2016: ‘What are the best ideas for Rural Education?’
DVBD-Cartoon_Rural Education

The farmer says “even I can’t study and learn and read at school, and I let my children allow to learn”.
His son is thinking in his mind “thay sar, shin sar” (which means: one can only read and understand just to communicate). Cartoonist: Agga

25/06/2016: ‘What chances Minorities get?’
Fat man represents Burmese former governments: He says “All of our
Burmese government generations have had enough to eat so we’re starting
to think about ethnic minorities chances from now on, don’t worry”.
Cartoonist: Bo Than
18/06/2016: ‘Is Civil-Military Power balanced?’
DVBD-Cartoon- Civil - Military Relation

On the curtain: ‘History’. The Burmese man standing on the left says “People should avoid watching this movie, it’s an inappropriate movie that’s why we banned”.

Cartoonist said his idea is based on this on the film ‘Twilight over Burma’ that has been banned on screen because it can affect the ‘Government’s Reconciliation and Military’s Dignity’.

11/06/2016: ‘Who helps the homeless?’
DVBD7_Helping Squatters_Cartoon
King’s adviser-(Wunn Min in burmese) is talking to the king “Oh my king , don’t be worry too much about the squatters. Even your Nay Pyi Taw city had been build on the land,which has been grabbedy by force,of farmers,basic poor people”

DVB Debate season 6

This week’s cartoon:

21/05/2016: ‘How to fix Jurisdiction?’

DVBD6_logo_cartoon_Fix Jurisdication


14/05/2016: ‘How to fairly share lands?’

DVBD6_cartoon_Sharing Lands

07/05/2016: ‘How to deal with the Old Laws?’

DVBD6_logo_cartoon_Old Laws

30/04/2016: ‘What’s the new Foreign Policy?’

Cartoonist: Kar Lu (Pyay)


23/04/2016: ‘How to grow agriculture?’


16/04/2016: ‘How to clean the country?’

DVBD6_cartoon_clean country

09/04/2016: ‘How to celebrate the Water Festival wisely?’


Local man explains to a foreigner: “If you would like to see old traditional burmese watering-style you should secretly peep when your old aunty has her bathing time.”
Cartoonist mocking point is: ‘in the past the Burmese used to splash water only politely with a bowl, but now they use only powerful pumps.’

02/04/2016: ‘What should the new Cabinet fix first?’

DVBD_cartoon_New cabinet

26/03/2016: ‘How to fight Corruption?’

DVBD_cartoon_corruption jpg

19/03/2016: ‘What is the ideal Broadcast Law?’

DVBD6_Media Law_Cartoon Final12/03/2016: ‘How to reform healthcare?’










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