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DVB Debate is the first open debate program in Burma. Everybody is invited to share their opinion freely and agree to disagree. DVB Debate aims to contribute to a new culture of open debate, in which anyone can participate and agree to disagree, in order to exchange ideas, create better mutual understanding and find solutions for societal issues to improve the future of Myanmar.

DVBD_team_season4_2015DVB Debate team on tour in Taunggyi – May 2015


Join DVB Debate by liking, following, commenting or sharing posts. Each debate is recorded every Saturday morning in Yangon with a live audience, which is invited to join the discussion as well. For visiting the recording in Yangon, mail to reserve a seat.


DVB Debate welcomes new corporate partnerships and offers tailor-made campaigns around and even in between program segments. For more details about the various and affordable options, please contact

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DVB Debate’s editorial and studio staff.

DVB Debate team Season 3 (July-Dec 2014)

DVB Debate is produced by DVB Multimedia Group Ltd. Co. DVB is an independent Burmese media organization committed to responsible journalism. Our mission is –

– to provide accurate and unbiased news to the people of Burma,

– to promote understanding and cooperation amongst the various ethnic and religious groups of Burma,

– to encourage and sustain independent public opinion and enable social and political debate,

– to impart the ideals of democracy and human rights to the people of Burma.

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